BCI Information Security / C & A

B CI Network Engineers will perform the necessary tasks to receive an ATO so that you can attach your system to a military network, SIPRNet, and NIPRNet. We have experience with DITSCAP, DIACAP, RMF and have provided the critical services necessary to receive ATOs for various systems in the NAVY, USMC, and USAF.

Our experience includes:

- Network design that incorporates our intimate knowledge of existing STIGs.
- Configuration & Implementation of the network.
- Network redesign & upgrade for security.
- Testing & Assessment with applicable STIGs, Security Checklists, SRRs, Gold Disks, etc.
- SRTM (Security Requirements Traceability Matrix).
- Scanning & Remediation with Retina and Nessus.
- Generation of SSAAs, SSPs, and DIACAP packages including Port Tables, Accreditation Boundary drawings, etc.

Our design, implementation and remediation experience includes; Windows servers and workstations, Linux servers and workstations, VMWare, switches and routers (infrastructure, perimeter, and boundary), firewalls, and peripherals such as KVMs, encryptors, terminal servers, etc. We have also designed and implemented cross-domain solutions to transfer unclassified data into a classified domain.

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