Integrated Terminal Weather System

I ntegrated Terminal Weather System is providing comprehensive weather information at 4 prototype and 2 operational sites. The system utilizes data received from a minimum of 3 radars and various sensors and weather models. It's mission is to provide a set of safety and planning data to air traffic managers and supervisors. The dissemination of these products is critical toward maintaining and enhancing terminal area safety, and air traffic planning during periods of hazardous weather.

BCI currently supports the ITWS program through the development of test interface simulators, conduct of Operational and Regression tests, maintenance monitoring of deployed First Article Systems, and the development and test of ITWS product improvements. BCI has developed simulators to test the full complement of interfaces that drive the ITWS system and some of these simulators are now in use at several FAA sites for other prototype systems such as the Medium Intensity Airport Weather System (MIAWS) and the proposed NEXRAD on ARTS program.