Naval Network Operations

B CI provides long term support for Maintenance, Operation and Modernization of the telecommunication network. The LANs employ baseband Ethernet (10Base2), FOIRL, ATM and twisted pair Ethernet technology.

BCI performs troubleshooting and diagnostic testing of cabling and network equipment such as multi-port repeaters, comm. servers, modems, bridges, routers and interface cards for approximately 3000 network drops.

Engineering Services is provided to support the operation and maintenance for a LAN that supports voice, data and video applications. This includes review and analysis of application requirements, planning, design, selection and screening for all improvements to the LAN.

BCI provides user support via a customer support help desk for approximately 3000 network users. This includes troubleshooting to determine if problems are hardware, software, procedural or communication related and routing the problem to the correct support personnel for resolution.