Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Router

A n Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Router (ATN) is functionally the same as a router used in the World Wide Web, in that it performs a switching function at level 3 of the OSI Reference Model. An ATN router forwards traffic based on the ISO Connectionless Network Protocol (CLNP). An ATN router is one that is compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) technical specification document 9705.

BCI’s initial offering is for a Ground-Ground router, which is labeled a Class 4 router by ICAO. The BCI ATN router runs natively on any Intel-based processor. Our standard platform is a Dell Power Edge Server. Other Linux servers such as the HP Proliant series are also supported. BCI’s ATN router is also offered in a CompactPCI (cPCI) chassis.

The BCI ATN router has a graphical user interface (GUI) which permits easy access to system information. This user-friendly interface is intuitive and does not require knowledge of the supporting operating system. The BCI router is quickly and easily configured through the Configuration and Adaptation Tool. This tool permits users to easily define adaptable interface parameters.

BCI’s ATN router can be configured to support IPv4 or IPv6 traffic in addition to ATN CLNP traffic. It also provides support for remote network management so that the router may be monitored and controlled by any SNMP compliant network management station.