FlightWX - Flight Weather Application

B CI has been building technical solutions for aviation and military clients for over 25 years. Our governmental work in the areas of Air Traffic Control, Human Factors Engineering, Radar, Command & Control, Communications, Navigation, Computer Networks, and Weather Processing Systems presented a unique set of expertise to build commercialized products.

The FlightWx application was originally developed as a test tool to display live turbulence data in an effort to examine pilot activity. Several advances in science, data communications and regulations came together for this successful assessment and evaluation back in 2012. The results presented positive feedback in the critical area of flight safety plus the added benefits of passenger comfort and fuel savings.

BCI applied the same level of engineering and service to the FlightWx application as they have to systems built for the most critical clients of the FAA, Air Traffic Control and commercial airline environments. Weather data processing and communications have redundancy and are operationally monitored 24/7/365.

The FlightWx application has been designed to be flexible to suit specific user requirements. The current weather data products have been selected by multiple criteria including scientific soundness, operational readiness, accessibility, and cost. BCI is NOT a brand of weather data so we will integrate data from any governmental or commercial entity.

When updated in-flight, the FlightWx Application gives the insight to anticipate the impact of weather at altitude beyond the range of onboard radar systems. This allows for an earlier deviation request potentially yielding a more efficient flight path and fuel savings while decreasing the risk of flying into a ‘box’. The FlightWx Application also allows for a better awareness of flight safety by better decision making on cabin management. This yields the potential of fewer injuries to flight attendants and passengers. When used across a large fleet, the FlightWx Application will support flight performance and cost efficiency from weather adjusted decision making and improved operational effectiveness.

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